Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Looking at this photo I’m reminded of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  What connects the old man and the birds?  Might it not be loving kindness, a state so gentle that it literally becomes one with nature, attracting creatures to come and unite within the umbrella of peace and humility?  Could it also be conveyance of great empathy?  Knowing what it is to be a living thing that must constantly seek out food in order to live, the elderly gentleman comprehends and communes.  He walks in the feet of others.  His compassion is great, and he doesn’t hesitate.  His visitors know his presence is safe and fulfilling.   The lessons shared here require not a cursory glance or two, but deep contemplation.  Looking profoundly through the eyes of real understanding, making the heartfelt connection, we begin to grasp their message of tranquility, unity, and purity.  Coupled with clarity, an appreciation of life arises, showing us that living things, even those that are aggressive and competitive, can live together in groups.  We might even wish the leaders of the world would awaken to these deep and insightful truths.