Friday, January 3, 2014


While we often see a number of teachers/authors sharing some or all of their paths of peace and that of others, we don’t often hear of those who are not in their category, so I’d like to share a bit of mine.
The present is my path.  My faith is my guide.  My inseparable companions are loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom.  Humbleness and surrender represent not only the basis of my decision to walk the path, but they are my friends and strengths along with confession and forgiveness.  My tools are concentration, intention, and mindfulness.  I’m as attentive as a hungry baby nursing on its mother’s breast; otherwise, I fall from the path.  Morality is my foundation, for without its support I would fail in practice and everyday living—a lesson at which I’ve been a slow but appreciative learner.  This is how I practice.

I’ve been walking the path of the present for many years.  Although I’ve fallen off quite a number of times, my faith in its affirmative results and my deepest nature have afforded me the opportunity to return from these relapses.  I’ve experienced the truth that life and spiritual practice never part, that everything is a lesson, especially in its impermanence, and I smile.  May everyone find a practice that lets them realize their deepest nature.