Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To The Elders And Leaders Of The United States Of America

      Isn’t it time to look deeply into our hearts to find the true light and spirit of peace to reunify the citizens of our beautiful country?
     Isn’t it true that if we fail to experience the authentic peace of our heart minds, we won’t be able to sense the true depth of sorrow and fear underneath the anger and frustration of fellow Americans?  And to bring the honesty of true, heartfelt peace to them, our words and actions must exemplify that same level of sincerity from within us, must they not?
     We can pray and ask for genuine peace all we want, but unless we dissolve the internal thoughts, beliefs and emotions obstructing us from going there and experiencing it for ourselves, the tranquility we attempt to bring to our fellow citizens will be shallow and meaningless to them; thus, failing to reunify the people of America. 
     Real leadership is a standing, walking vision of peace speaking from the heart directly to the hearts of others.  People would recognize and respond in kind to the authenticity of such a demonstration if it were offered to them and sincerely carried out from a united front of democrat, republican, independent and religious leaders and elders, would they not?
       Isn’t this what the people of our country deserve?

Carroll Edward Young, A Fellow Citizen

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